Endless Knot

Endless Knot



What we do

Endless Knot is a Tokyo-based company which provides professional services in the design and development of web systems and project management.


  • Architecting web systems
    • System design and development
    • Project design
  • Consulting for in-house development
    • Team design

Past projects

These include projects we worked on as freelance.

  • Project manager for a mobile app replacement project
  • Tech lead for a LINE mini app development project
  • Tech lead for a website replacement project
  • Architect for a new web service development project


  • Utilize third-party tools and services for high quality and speedy development
  • Study and research for practice; share the learned knowledge for business
  • Aim to be and train professionals who can work anywhere and with anybody


Takeshi Tsunoda (Founder & Chief Architect)

After working for Excite Japan, Mixi and GMO Internet, he moved to Jakarta and worked as the Director and CTO of PT Excite Indonesia for 5 years until October 2018. After returning to Japan he has worked as an freelance software architect. In July 2021, he founded Endless Knot to serve more clients and projects.


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